Apartments & renovation

Renovation of the aparment is very usual type. We will show you a real estate options, our experience will prevent most of the problems that the investor does not realize, or, conversely, to recognize the potential of the property. A good architect knows how to rapidly introduce implementing and estimate the possibilities and pitfalls.

We desing apartments and provide the whole renovations process including custom kitchens and interior design.

Apartment architecture | Apartment renovation | Price and time


We focus on functional and simple solutions of modern living. We focus on clarity and overall compactness. Our solutions have their own logic and are not only feasible, but provide comfort required by the client and the expacted changes of living in time.

Our approach

We want to design living matching current and future needs of clients. We prefer therefore timeless solutions after thoroughly studying the opportunities and especially the daily needs of residents of the apartment. We see the client as extent co-creator rather than a mere observer. Reconstruction of an apartment requires a rethinking in detail including interior before demolition work starts.

Sources architectural approach

Functionality and efficiency. We have our style, which is based on functionalism, but the interiors we design so that the client could complete the space himself and impress his lifestyle to feel comfotable.

Apartment renovation process

Here is the nut shell extract of the steps needed to reconstruct the apartment.

1. Preparation of contract

Introductory meeting. Drafting and signing of the contract. Survey of the property. The aim is to get all the background information needed for the project, so we can avoid all the technical and administrative difficulties.

2. Design and construction studies

Most time-consuming part of the project. This phase requires close cooperation with the client in the design of the future form of housing. Outputs are sketches, floor plans, elevations and visualizations. Architectural study serves as a basis for the next phase, eg. building permit.

3. Elaboration of documentation for construction management

Drawing of documentation for building management, applies only in the case of interventions requiring approval of the Building Authority. Or engineering - arranging for the necessary permits.

4. Implementation

Execution of all construction and finishing works under copyright and construction supervision.

5. The transmission construction

Writing a transfer protocol for the handover.

Price and time

Everything depends on the complexity of the project, busy schedules, investor satisfaction, the choice of materials and other components which may be delivered in weeks or even months.


  • Complete preparation including the implementation of the project: 2-5 months, according to the apartment size and complexity.
  • Design and study of reconstruction: 3-8 weeks.


Prices are calculated individualy. Below are the basic prices of our services.

  • Design and study of the apartment: from CZK 50 000 excluding VAT.
  • Elaboration of calculation: from CZK 5000 without VAT (except in the case of realizing).
  • Consultations: form CZK 3000 without VAT / hour (transport not uncluded).
  • Realization of reconstruction, including the proposal: from CZK 600 000 excluding VAT.

Example of renovation

Flat:Complete renovation of apartment 3 + 1 in Prague 80 m2, including the changes to the layout of the apartment, distribution systems - heating, electricity, ventilation, data, water-waste; new floors, ceilings, interior and entrance doors, new bathroom and toilet and a completely new custom kitchen.
Renovation time: 3-4 months.
Price: from CZK 1 000 000 excluding VAT, depends on the choice of materials.