Custom kitchens

Modern kitchens are one of our interior domain. Each kitchen is designed for specific area, specific user and each one is original.

Kitchens | Payment and Delivery | The price of custom kitchens


  • Kitchens are made of a combination of materials: laminate, glass and metal.
  • We design practical kitchens based on our long-time experience and requirements of the investor.
  • We also supply transport and assembly.
  • We use only quality fittings with a lifetime warranty.

Payment and Delivery

Kitchens are delivered within six weeks after selecting the final variant and deposit materials.

The price of custom kitchens

Our service includes:

  • Focus
  • Design and construction drawings for manufacturing
  • Choice of colors
  • Visualization
  • Material
  • Production
  • Transport
  • Assembly on place


Prices are calculated individually. Below are the basic prices of our services.

  • Including implementation of the proposal: from CZK 90,000 excluding VAT.
  • Design and realization: from CZK 25,000 excluding VAT contains 2 suggestions including map visualization.
  • Consultation without transportation: from CZK 3000 excluding VAT / hour.

In the event that distributions (electricity, water supply etc.) for the kitchen have not been conducted in collaboration with the designer (a common mistake during construction / reconstruction without building or author's supervision), it is necessary to add labor and materials for implementations of electricity, waste, water and air.