Villas & family houses

Villa or house is not only the investment, but above all the home. We want to feel well in it, it should fullfil our needs and so we like to return. The preparation of such housing requires at least three months of intensive work of an experienced architect, usually three times more.

We provide architectural design, we provide complete project documentation for the start of construction. From an architectural study for building permits. We design and deliver custom kitchen and interior design solutions..

Our offer:

  • Architectural study
  • Photorealistic visualizations
  • Providing documentation of the project
  • Design of interior
  • Design of furniture and modern custom kitchen
  • Engineering (settlement permit for construction)
  • Author supervision
  • Construction supervision

Architecture | Villa & house designing process | Price and time


We focus on functional and simple solutions of modern living. We focus on clarity and overall compactness of the building. Our solutions have their own logic and are not only feasible, but provide comfort required by the client, timelessness and meet basic environmental requirements.

Our approach

We design villas or family houses corresponding to current and future needs of clients. We prefer therefore timeless solutions after studying the opportunities and especially the expected daily needs of the residents.

Whence We Come

Our motto is functionality and efficiency, but not at the expense of comfort. We propose active houses in our style, which is based on functionalism. Our family houses and villas are designed so that people feel comfortable in them. Our buildings are trying to connect the interior of the house with a garden through loopholes or sliding doors to open space.

Rather than passive solutions, we recommend flights technology instead of guaranteed health hazardous experiments. We do not recommend heat recovery units or other internal air circulation without the possibility of simply airing. We prefer quality materials that reduce energy consumption, the use of solar panels etc.

Villa & house designing process

Here is the nut shell extract of the various steps needed to implement a house or villa. It is a complex process.

1. Preparation of contract

Meetings, focus and surveys of land and catastral maps. The aim is to get all the background information needed for the project, so we can avoid all the administrative and technical difficulties. Signing the contract.

2. Design and construction studies

Most time-consuming part of the project. This phase requires close cooperation with the client in the design of the future form of house. The outputs are the sketches, broader relations - plotting the future of the house and the land surrounding the building, the situation - location of the house on the property, plans, sections of the house, views of the house and visualization. Architectural study serves as a basis for the next phase, eg. Building permit or project for territorial control.

3. Elaboration of documentation for land management

Rendered drawings for building office together with the required reports for the official decision on the location of the building.

4. Elaboration of documentation for construction management

Drawing of documentation for land management-sometimes merges phases 3 and 4 when the announcement for construction of simple structures - and documentation for the building authority to grant building permits. The output is in description of broader relations, situation, floor plans, sections, elevations, detail drawings, windows and doors, drawings, tables surfaces and finishes with the technical and accompanying message. At this stage it is necessary to invite other professionals to prepare: design of heating, ventilation design, electrical design, project statics, ventilation project, fire protection report etc.

5. Developing documentation for construction

This phase is not required if the project for building permit is sufficiently detailed, otherwise the project for building construction detail must be drawn up.

6. Developing documentation to enter the building contractors

This phase is not required if the project for building permit is sufficiently detailed, otherwise the project is phased for each supplier.

7. Cooperation in supplier selection

Cooperation investor and designer / architect when choosing a supplier. We help contact the manufacturer and the dealer recommended, eg. a supplier of building materials, electronic security systems, etc.

8. Cooperation in carrying out construction

Cooperation in the implementation of construction / exercise of copyright and investor supervision - supervision of construction.

9. Cooperation after construction

Cooperation after the completion of construction and commissioning of the building into use. Tuning the details of construction equipment put into use. Commissioning - acceptance.

Price and time

Everything depends on the complexity of the project, schedules and investor satisfaction.


  • Design and architectural study of villa / family house: 3-12 months.


Prices are calculated according to each order. Below are the basic prices of our services.

  • Design and study if villa/family house: starting at CZK 250,000 excluding VAT, at least 10 % of the price of the house.
  • Elaboration of calculation: starting at CZK 20,000 excluding VAT.
  • Consultations: starting at CZK 3000 excluding VAT per hour.
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