Offices and corporate places

Corporate culture should be reflected in the architectural design business space. From the reception for visits after the meeting room, open-plan offices as well as offices for the company management.

We design the entire interior, including custom furniture that are delivered in cooperation with our experienced supplier. We provide complete project documentation for the possible start of construction, from design and architectural studies to any building permits.

Construction and implementation of small-scale supply on a turnkey basis.

Architecture | Process | Price and time


We focus on functional and uncomplicated solutions. We focus on clarity and overall compactness. Our solutions have their own logic and are not only feasible, but provide comfort required by the client.


Here is nut shell extract of the process steps:

1. Preparation of contract

Dating meetings, surveys, focus and object exploration business operations and requirements. The aim is to get all the background information needed for the project, so we can avoid all the administrative and technical difficulties. Signing the contract.

2. Design and construction studies

Most time-consuming part of the project. This phase requires close cooperation with the client in designing the future form of business space. Outputs are sketches, floor plans, elevations and visualizations. If possible, also pass through a virtual 3D space. Architectural study serves as a basis for the next phase, eg. Building permit or project for territorial control.

3. Elaboration of documentation for land management, construction management, building construction

Carried out only if the construction of such magnitude that it requires a construction law.

4. Elaboration of documentation to enter the building contractors

This phase is not required if the project for building permit is sufficiently detailed, otherwise the project is phased for each supplier.

5. Cooperation in supplier selection

Cooperation of investor and designer / architect when choosing suppliers. Contacting the manufacturer and the dealer recommended, eg. a supplier of building materials, electronic security systems, etc.

6. Co-operation in carrying out construction

Cooperation in the implementation of construction / exercise of copyright and investor supervision - supervision of construction.

7. Cooperation after construction

Cooperation after the completion of construction and commissioning of the building into use. Tuning the details of construction equipment put into use, respectively. Commissioning - acceptance.

Price and time

Everything depends on the complexity of the project, schedules and investor satisfaction.


  • Design and interior architectural study: 1-2 months.


Prices are calculated individually. Below are the basic prices of our services.

  • Design and architectural study of interior design: individually.
  • Elaboration of calculation: CZK 5000 excluding VAT (except in the case of realization).
  • Consultations with no traffic: CZK 3000 excluding VAT / hour.

Example implementation reception

Space: The entrance room of 30 m2, the design layout placement equipment, flooring, plumbing, wall surfaces, ceilings, design / selection of furniture, design and fabrication of the reception desk, lighting.
Including the draft realization: 5-8 weeks.
Price: from CZK 250,000 excluding VAT, depending on the choice of materials, complexity and labor (demolition, leveling, laying etc.).